Message to Actors: Welcome to a career which is full of enthusiasm, money, fame, glamour, extraordinary lifestyle and exciting changes throughout… so your life never gets monotonous with it. We hope that you guys already know all this and that is why you have chosen this career. Congratulations! We know that you had stolen chocolate in your childhood and lied when caught up. Well, that’s acting. All that you need now is grooming, experience and marketing Skills & tools to sell yourself as an actor. A point to remember here is that this career is a little expensive one and you really need to have money in hand and patience in mind. If you are serious, meet our competent team. We have a team of people who can prepare you for this career and rest is your luck. Benefits of being associated with us is to get a chance in our in-house projects and being pushed in our strong network of casting directors. We do have association of people who can take you in their respective projects.

Message to Casting Directors / Directors / ProducersDear clients, be assured for our well nourished databank of actors and models from north India. Mostly our actors are professionally exposed and trained to take up assignments of any level. Indeed we have faces from abroad as well. By segmentation, we have actors of all age group, all genders and all regions from North India. Most of them are multilingual and can speak dialect free Hindi, English with Indian Accent, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and few regional languages. If you have any assignment in hand, just let us know with details and experience our professional services of casting in Delhi NCR.

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